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Calendar of Events

July 28, 2017


African Elder Wetland Work Party

July 28, 10am-12pm @ Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetland

Join Seattle's East African Elder volunteers along with Tilth staff and neighbors as we restore 6 acres of wetlands and forests on Seattle's largest urban farm. more


Habit Revival Fridays

July 28, 1:30pm-3:30pm @ Me-Kwa-Mooks

Me-kwa-mooks Park is more than what you see from the road. Above the open lawn up the hillside are twenty acres of woodlands with a nice network of trails for leisure walks. The green spaces provides habitat for many birds, including screech owls, and even coyotes. This spring and summer we'll be focusing on liberating native plants by removing invasive species. In the fall and winter we plant Pacific Northwest native plants that provide habitat for forest animals. more


Weeding until their gone

July 28, 8:30am-12:30pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

We will be clearing invasive plants that are returning to an already cleared area. more


Forest Friend Saturdays

July 29, 10am-1pm @ Me-Kwa-Mooks

Behind the lawn at Me-Kwa-Mooks is a beautiful stretch of forest that provides habitat for birds, and a lovely spot for a stroll. Volunteers have been working in this area to remove pesky weeds, and restore the park to healthy forest conditions. Come along to protect the plants that were planted in the fall, and clear new areas for planting later this year. You'll get a great workout, and, if you're lucky, a dose of sunshine! more


Habitat Restoration along BG Trail at Sand Point Way

July 29, 9am-1pm @ Burke-Gilman Trail

Habitat Restoration and Enhancement; an effort to bring this area back to a more natural environment for all to enjoy and feel safe. Learn more about who we are, how you can help, and understand further the focus of our project. We typically clear areas of invasive plants, prune existing native plants for better growth, plant a few native plants, and spread mulch to support healthy soil and plant growth. On this day we will be doing light clearing, set up compost platforms, spot watering, and enjoying the summer outside. Thank you for your time and interest. more


Longfellow Creek Central Forest Restoration Event

July 29, 10am-2pm @ Longfellow Creek GS: Central



Summer Herring's House Restoration with EarthCorps

July 29, 10am-2pm @ Herrings House Park (Tulaltx)



Summer Mulching Party at Beaver Pond Natural Area

July 29, 9:30am-11:30am @ Beaver Pond Natural Area on TC

Join us at this work party to get outdoors and have some fun with wheelbarrows and mulch while it is still cool in the morning. We will be mulching areas that were cleared of blackberry and covered in burlap. Your help with spreading a good thick layer of mulch on top will keep the site invasive free until fall planting and help protect them over winter. Brief orientation included. more


Lawton Park summer Sunday evenings

July 30, 5:30pm-7:30pm @ Lawton Park

enjoy a summer evening outdoors at Lawton Park and help with restoration and maintenance. We will weed, water and walk performing various tasks around the park. more


Lewis Park Restoration Event

July 30, 10am-1pm @ Lewis Park

With Summer in full swing, preparation for Fall planting is the priority. With our trail now complete, we must prep the trail line edges for planting. We will be pulling invasive plants and weeds, introducing amended soil where needed and then mulching. If you haven't seen our new trails, now would be a great opportunity to experience the peaceful tranquility and beauty of the mid-line run of Lewis Park, walking in areas before now not possible because of the steep slope issues. On this Sunday, we will be hosting the group from Kavana once again and look forward to their assistance in the ongoing restoration efforts at Lewis Park more